This is our first Blog Post from the Tinker RnD site, so I will try to catch you up with all that we have been up to for the past 6 months and start to post regularly!

Local Design Sprint Class lead by Chris Federer

Tinker RnD has recently been teaming up with and attending the 1Million Cups Community events where we have made many great friends and potential business partners.

This is where we met Chris and had the opportunity to learn about some creative exercises that spark the creative design mindset that help incubate the right environment to focus on a tailored delivery that really focuses on your audience.

If you’re an entrepreneur I recommend to check out the 1 Million Cups events they hold weekly! They were held at the beautiful downtown Kiln space. You will come across a ton of great startups and mentors, the community is full of entrepreneurs from all sorts of backgrounds. (*Updated event info can be found here)

Stacks Software has also completed a few website development projects so check out some of our creations on Twitter, with more on the way! Stay tuned with all upcoming releases!

Stacks is also on the hunt for a permanent location to start deving in, come join us if your interested in creating and Tinkering!

I’ll share more updates as I find time but for now, we are off to Vegas!