Are Software Application MVP’s best served with No Code?

There is a lot of excitement around the “no code” app building solution. And while we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, we have some bad news…. and also some good news!

While we think that no code solutions are powerful in lowering the bar of availability to create apps more quickly and easily, we also know that you then forfeit Control of Your Data.

No code platforms leave you as a creator susceptible to IP theft, and your users vulnerable to identify and data theft.

Sure maybe xyz company touts quality, scalability or security and you are just going to take their word for it aren’t you?

This leaves you little to no options to manage your infrastructure for scaling.

This means when you finally bring in 1000 users, or wherever your bottleneck becomes, the app now becomes slow and your users are no longer satisfied they are frustrated after 2 days and rate your mediocre app a 1 star and delete it forever. Your new 1000 users flows back towards a more sustainable load of around 300.

You have no options to “move” your app anywhere else and now you have to re-code from scratch. Back to square one. Should have listened to us in the first place.



Here is the good news

If you are looking for a way to build shiny new ship-able MVP’s more quickly without giving up ownership of your data. I will let you in on a rising trend that is happening beneath the no code solution surface, where the developers lurk…. the inter-webs.

By utilizing Open Source Software and or cutting edge frameworks, you can take advantage of commonly coded parts and modularly swap out utilities as needed. This makes development faster, more adaptable, and believe it or not, more secure.

When you control your server and your code, it really is your property!

We focus on your data, this is why we partner with Stacks Software on our clients MVP software application builds. Your app concepts are delivered faster, more secure and on All Platforms!

That means you can reach people where they really are, even during COVID, and now on more platforms: Android, Ubuntu, iOS, OSX, and Windows!

Oh yeah and you really own your data!